The Headlines:

Relief material being loaded into C-17 Globemaster III aircraft of IAF for reaching out to the people in Nepal.

All India Radio News's photo.
All India Radio News's photo.
All India Radio News's photo.
All India Radio News's photo.

To all those saying ‪#‎ThankYouPM‬– appreciate the sentiment. Real thanks should be to our great culture, which teaches us ‘Seva Parmo Dharma’. If we want to thank anyone, it should be the 125 crore people of India who have made Nepal’s pain their own and extended all help. We must thank our armed forces, NDRF teams, doctors and all those volunteers who are overcoming every obstacle to restore normalcy in Nepal. We owe a big thanks to the enthusiastic youngsters who are mobilising contributions for relief work be it cash, resources and medicines etc. Mention must be made of the media. They are bravely covering the disaster from the ground. Thanks! The immense co-operation between Centre and the States is a major asset in times like these. A big thanks to all State Governments. And above all, we salute the resilience of our sisters and brothers in Nepal and parts of India, for their courage in the face of disaster.

All India Radio News's photo.

Ministry of Finance, Government of India Arun Jaitley at 16th D.P. Kohli Memorial Lecture on “Economic Challenges for an Aspirational India” : CBI has to have 6th sense to master the art of extracting truth and perfection. 1991 was the defining moment for India and marked the beginning of process to unleash the energy of its citizens. Down the line we started losing the credibility of decision making process and indecisiveness on part of Govt. There was breakdown of process of building consensus on various vital issues before May 2014. India has various advantages in present global situation , now it has to decide its own road map for its growth and aspirations. Our taxation policy has to be non-adversarial. Our Taxation process has to be simpler to increase tax buoyancy. Our corporate tax structure has to be globally competitive and that’s why we reduced it from 30 % to 25 %. We have to invest about Rs. 70,000 crore in infrastructure sector and that’s why we have to little delay the fiscal road map.

All India Radio News's photo.
All India Radio News's photo.

• Relief and rescue operations resume in quake-hit Nepal following fresh tremors and rain; Death toll crosses 3,200; More than 6,000 injured; Around 2,500 Indians rescued, so far.

• Home Minister says, inter-ministerial team has reached Kathmandu to co-ordinate relief work by different agencies.

• Finance Minister assures business friendly environment for foreign investors; Says, Goods and Services Tax Bill’s objective is to simplify tax procedure.

• Supreme Court says, Tamil Nadu Government has no authority to appoint Special Public Prosecutor in Jayalalithaa’s disproportionate Assets case; Asks Karnataka High Court to deliver the verdict.

• Chief Justice of India refuses to be part of meeting of panel to select National Judicial Appointment Commission.

• Leader of the ISIS terrorist outfit Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi reportedly dies.


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