Assamese actor and singer Bidisha Bezbaruah, who allegedly committed suicide on Monday, was found dead at her residence in Gurgaon’s Sushant Lok. Sources claim there were problems in her one-year-old marriage.
AR Rahman after a hit IIFA Rocks performance in New York: I try my best
  • Benny Dayal has sung songs such as ‘Daaru desi’ and ‘Badtameez dil’.
    Benny Dayal was told by a music director that he would never become a playback singer
Run by Dr.Charles Norona ,has batches throughout the week.Students of all ages are enrolled.Teaching experience ,25 yrs.
ClassAvaibility: 7 days a week
Students Batch: One to One as also Group ,Special Ladies batch on Saturdays.Jamming sessions on Sundays.
Dr.Charles Speaks: Having done a PhD in music ,teaching Music is different from teaching songs.Trinity college of London,students are given thorough training for exams.

A good teacher can be very helpful for those interested in learning to play the guitar. We went ahead and conducted some research on seasoned guitar teachers in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai to make the search easier for those of you looking for instructors!

Jared Tasho

Teaching Experience: Nine years

Class Availability: Weekends usually with some weekday slots available

Students Per Batch & Age Groups: Private one to one classes in addition to two to three students in a batch if they are of the same level. He teaches children from age six onwards and enjoys teaching beginners and all levels, but usually prefers to teach students of intermediate-advanced level.

Jared Speaks: “I’ve been fortunate enough to study music formally (BMus Honors from London Centre of Contemporary Music) and be a part of ensembles in various settings and styles as a result. I also have had to fit in as a guitar player with many different instruments. So, it’s more about the music, being a musician first and then the guitar…lots of musical exercises and work without the guitar and then with the guitar.

Shrikant Sreenivasan :

Teaching Experience: Six years; Runs 3rd Bridge Guitar Classes in Belapur, Navi Mumbai.

Class Availability: Weekends, with some weekday batches depending on demand

Students Per Batch & Age Groups: Four to five students maximum per batch. Says, “It is very important to keep your students as comfortable as possible. Keeping more students in a batch sometimes turn them off as they expect attention. Majorly, every student is at a different level so group lesson becomes pointless. I also have a batch where students are at the same level. So in that case, I take group lessons once a month, more like jamming and writing songs.” He teaches students ages five and above and says, “For me, I love teaching kids so I’d love to teach kids in schools as well. I have taught students ranging from five years to fifty years. Age is just another number for me 🙂 It doesn’t show if he/she is capable of learning or no. Nowadays, I’ve been seeing kids who are so talented at such a young age then you tend to imagine what level they would be when they become an adult.”

Shrikant Speaks: “I believe I am a patient teacher who tries to understand what he/she wants to achieve through the instrument. I give them their own space while they learn how to read music and enjoy learning. Regardless of what theories or math I am teaching, I make sure they have fun in the class, some jokes here and there, you know. A teacher is always a learner. I’ve learnt so many things since the time I started teaching. I make sure my students don’t just learn theory but also understand what it means to feel and make music, de-stress your mind using this art as a tool.”

Sidharth Kadadi :

Teaching Experience: Six years; Used to give private lessons and also taught in a few BPO’s and schools. Now he heads a small, budding music school that has been around for two years.

Class Availability: His school follows their own syllabus, written by faculty members. They have three curriculums for guitar and drums. After every quarter, a student has to give a small in-house examination and score decent points so that they can enroll for next level. To keep students motivated, they have small in-house jam sessions and provide them with certification. If a student is ambitious and wants to appear for Trinity/rock school examinations, they are open to that as well.

Students Per Batch & Age Groups: Four to five students in a batch. Ages 12+.

Sidharth Speaks: “I really don’t know what to say here. We are not a big institute. We are working towards it and improving our content, format and approach on daily basis. All I can say is I am very honest with my instrument and my students. I deliver what I promise. I have 75+ students sticking around with me for almost two years. Yes, their lessons are on and off as they get a little busy with work and studies, but they still show up and manage to complete what they signed up for. I guess that my reward and can be defined as ‘unique’ thing about my institute.”

Daniel Kenneth Rego :

Teaching Experience: Six years

Class Availability: Tuesdays & Thursdays; Teaches ‘guitarists with real jobs’ on weekends

Students Per Batch & Age Groups: Three to four students per batch, but mainly one-to-one lessons. Teaches students ranging from 7 to 55, but the average tends to be the age of the college student.

Daniel Speaks: “I think one thing people seem to value about my teaching style is the emphasis on understanding and internalizing the workings of music through ear training and assimilating music theory and the fundamentals, instead of mechanical exercises, rote patterns and campfire songs. I try to teach music like one teaches a language – understanding and internalizing the grammar, vocabulary, syntax and phrasing of music and different styles. There is also a strong emphasis on application of everything learned through improvisation sessions, which my students find both constructive and fun.”

Bipin Janavlekar :

Teaching Experience:: Thirteen years

Class Availability: Weekends

Students Per Batch & Age Groups: Two to three students per batch; Ages 6+

Bipin Speaks: “I make sure that my students learn the basics first, both in theory and physically, teach them notations and all instrument exercises, and slowly then teach basic songs, and finally advance studies.”

Indian Musicians to Perform at Celctic Connections 2014

Amanda Sodhi

It is nice when you see Indian talent being promoted abroad. This year several Indian musicians will be showcased at Celtic Connections 2014, including The Raghu Dixit Project, Saurav Moni, Ruhaniyat, Suhail Yusuf Khan, Parveen Sabrina Khan, Asin Langa and Bhungar Manganiyar. The festival will take place in Glasgow this month, and is expected to draw an audience of nearly 100,000 people.

Watch: Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr perform at the Grammies

Watch: Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr perform at the Grammies

Long Walk To Freedom review: A must watch for all politicians

Dhoom 3 continues to do roaring business in Pakistan

Padma Shri to Wendell Rodricks helps legitimise homosexuality: BJP

SRK wasn’t subjected to deadly attack nor has he lost his memory: Salman


New TV show Firangi Bahu shows being blonde can be a good thing

Will cherish Dedh Ishqiya even after 20 years: Huma Qureshi


Dhoom: 3 mints Rs 252.70 crore at box office within two weeks

Roja to Jai Ho, celebrating Rahman’s music on his 48th birthday

All you need to know about Telugu star Uday Kiran

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